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There’s a healthier chocolate spread and it’s EVERYTHING.

NDF with banner

Calling all chocolate lovers! I’d like to be the first 12th Fan Jersey one to welcome you to heaven. Get ready for a super yummy dessert option.

Being on a low-FODMAP diet is not easy (duh). You’re constantly scrutinizing ingredient lists to make 12th Fan Authentic Jersey sure the contents of a package are safe for you to eat. And, once you find out they’re all safe (yay!), you’re probably revisiting the Monash App to find just how much of it you can have (boo!).  For me, one of the hardest cravings to satisfy is my sweet tooth.

Even though the low-FODMAP diet is not a dairy-free diet, I really want to share with you one of my new yummy finds. One of 12th Fan Womens Jersey my favorite brands, Rigoni di Asiago, now offers Nocciolata Dairy Free and it’s delicious! 12th Fan Youth Jersey It combines hazelnuts (10 nuts are safe), cocoa and cocoa butter, natural vanilla extract, and raw cane sugar to make an insanely smooth-textured, creamy and decadent spread.

Low-FODMAP doesn’t necessarily mean healthy eating (hey, you can eat french fries!), but I still try to incorporate clean eating 12th Fan Kids Jersey into my lifestyle. That’s why I love that Nocciolata is certified vegan, made with organic ingredients, free of GMO’s, preservatives, colors, additives and artificial sweeteners. It also uses cold-pressed sunflower oil instead of palm oil, which is high in saturated fat.

Here are some ways to eat it:

  • On a spoon (my favorite)
  • Spread on gluten free toast
  • As a dip for strawberries or raspberries
  • Smores (gluten free graham crackers)
  • Spread out onto a banana

NDF - toast


I can really go on and on. Check it out and let me know what you think! I’m really curious.


Full-time publicist, part-time writer, and round-the-clock ambassador to wit and humor, Zlata is a Jersey Girl making her way through life in South Florida with her husband, Alex, and their sweet pup, LexZ. Zlata’s a self-taught home cook who relies on taste bud science for her mostly simple, sometimes healthy/sometimes not, always delicious recipes. When she’s not crafting kitchen concoctions, Zlata can be found reading an awesome book (translation: trashy magazine), crossing the line between ‘funny’ and ‘inappropriate,’ and fantasizing about being a Real Housewife of Palm Beach. Fun fact: Alex, Zlata and LexZ are all fluent in Russian.