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Tender Turkey Kebobs

Low-FODMAP Tender Turkey Kebobs

Tender Turkey Kebobs

These turkey kebobs are basically a staple in my house. (You can absolutely use chicken if that’s your preference.) I marinate the meat at night and let it sit until the next day when I get home from Quinten Rollins Authentic Jersey work to cook it. The meat is so tender and flavorful! I use mayo for the Quinten Rollins Jersey recipe (one of the VERY few times I use mayo), but you can substitute it for yogurt for a similar result. The point of the mayo is to make the meat tender. It’s an essential ingredient.

Let’s get started!

Get thick turkey tenderloins and cut them in half and then cut into kebob shape.
Tender Turkey Kebobs

Move the pieces into the container you’ll be keeping them in overnight (or Quinten Rollins Kids Jersey at least a few hours). Tender Turkey Kebobs

In a small bowl, combine mayo, mustard, paprika, cayenne pepper, chili powder, salt and any other spices you fancy. Tender Turkey Kebobs Hand mix everything and you’re done for now. Tender Turkey Kebobs

When you’re ready to cook, heat up your skillet on medium-high. You want for it to get pretty hot. From there, you’ll cook the turkey until it’s browned on one side. It should look like you’re actually grilling these kebobs! After about 10 minutes, turn over and cook until the other side is browned as well. Quinten Rollins Womens Jersey src=”” alt=”Tender Turkey Kebobs” width=”680″ height=”907″ data-wp-pid=”2510″ />That’s it! You’re done.Tender Turkey Kebobs


Tender Turkey Kebobs
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
  • 2 turkey tenderloins
  • ¼ cup mayonnaise
  • 2 tablespoons mustard
  • Spices per preference
  1. Cut turkey lengthwise in half and then again in kebob shape
  2. In separate bowl, mix mayo, mustard and spices
  3. Hand mix marinade into turkey and let stand overnight or at least three hours
  4. Heat up skillet on medium-high heat
  5. Cook on one side until browned, about 10 minutes
  6. Flip and cook Quinten Rollins Youth Jersey until brown again

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