FODMAP Friendly Foods at the Supermarket

FODMAP Friendly Foods at the Supermarket

So you’ve just started the low-FODMAP diet and have absolutely no idea what you’re allowed to eat. I mean, you’ve read the Big List of FODMAP Friendly Foods, but Aaron Rodgers Authentic Jersey you’re thinking that it’s still not enough to sustain you. How can you just go cold turkey from all of your beloved snacks and guilty pleasures? You cannot be expected to just eat protein, vegetables, rice and potatoes – right?! Right. You’re not.

FODMAP Friendly Foods

When I first started doing low-FODMAP last May, I really limited myself to repetitive ‘safe’ meals. For breakfast, I’d eat oatmeal or cereal. Lunchtime was always leftovers from dinner the night before or salads with lettuce, bell peppers, cucumbers, grilled chicken, feta cheese and a dressing of olive oil and lemon juice. Dinner would be either fish or chicken paired with a vegetable. I would snack in between as well, because that’s what you have to do on low-FODMAP. Hunger is our worst enemy. In an upcoming post, I’ll give away some meal ideas that will help you map out your meal plan for the week. If it’s something you’re looking for sooner, please email me! I’m always here to Aaron Rodgers Jersey help.

As I started getting the hang of low-FODMAP, I started expanding the types of FODMAP friendly food I’d cook – and ventured back into the aisle section of the supermarket. I had spent the first few weeks hanging out in the grocery and poultry sections only. (Why would I want to be tempted by those processed foods I missed so dearly?) I got more and more excited about how much better I was feeling and I became pretty confident at reading labels, which is really one of the hardest parts of the diet if you ask me! As I found foods that I could eat, my recipes and meal plans expanded. I was able to indulge in some snacks that I’d missed so much. Still no Doritos (yet), but Fritos are kind of the same thing, I convinced myself.

Consider me the brand ambassador for Aaron Rodgers Kids Jersey all things FODMAP because it works! As you’ve already come to learn, I really want to help. That said, I’ve put together another fun resource for you guys: safe items to buy in packages! This list will be ever-growing! In fact, if you are a FODMAPer and love a food that’s missing from this list, please leave me a comment with the name and I’ll add it! Please see The Big List of FODMAP Friendly Foods now! Here’s the list of FODMAP Friendly Foods at the Supermarket:

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Know of others not on the list? Comment below and I’ll add it!

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