FODMAP Friendly Foods

So you’ve just started the low-FODMAP diet and have absolutely no idea what you’re allowed to eat. I mean, you’ve read the Big List of FODMAP Friendly Foods, but you’re thinking that it’s still not enough to sustain you. How can you just go cold turkey from all of your beloved snacks and guilty pleasures? You… 

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Chocolate Marshmallow Banana Boats

Grilled Chocolate and Marshmallow Bananas

I love my Weber Genesis E-330 for grilling protein and vegetables. I did a lot of research between getting the grill with cast iron grates or stainless steel and I have to say – I’m really happy with the cast iron choice. The two accessories I can’t live without are the Weber Grill Pan and WITHOUT… 

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Peanut Butter, Marshmallow and Chocolate Chip Cookies

PB, Marshmallow and Chocolate Chip Cookies

I get really happy when there’s a low-FODMAP dessert option that I can eat that’s easy to make and completely satisfying. Using a recipe by Kate Scarlata, I played around with the ingredients a few times and finally have a recipe I’m happy with. Personally, I can never have enough chocolate. If you’re the same,… 

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Diver Sole Meuniere Recipe

Diver Sole Meuniere

Confusing recipe name for a very easy to prepare dish. I got these diver sole in the frozen fish section of Trader Joe’s. I really do prefer fish be fresh, but from Trader Joe’s, I know I’m getting wild-caught ‘fresh’ fish that’s been frozen – perfect for any meals on reserve. I take the fish… 

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Maple Mustard Chicken

Maple Mustard Chicken Tenders

  The low-FODMAP diet has definitely made me a bit more creative when coming up with meal options. Sure, I can take existing recipes and make them FODMAP friendly, but sometimes the fun part is just coming up with your own. This is one of those types of recipes. When I tell you that I’ve… 

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Grilled Chicken Skewers

Lime-Spiked Grilled Chicken Skewers

Summer might be over, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some good grilling weather days left! The chicken for these skewers can be marinated for up to eight hours and once cooked, will last about three days. Since I also add peppers, leftovers (which you know I’m all about) already have veggies to go along with… 

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Life and Thymez FODMAP Foods You Can Eat List

The Big List of FODMAP Friendly Foods

When I first started my FODMAP diet, people would always ask me, “So what CAN you eat, anyway??” At the beginning, I was caught up in trying to figure out the answer myself. There are so many foods that we can eat during the elimination process, but as you’ll come to learn with low-FODMAP, it’s not just… 

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